Melted Crayons and Warm T-shirts

Some of the best childhood memories I have, involved melted crayons and warm t-shirts. My Grandparent’s house (my dad’s parents), has woven into my memory simplistic joy from being a child. Every time I entered their house I felt peace. There was never a moment or time that I remember sensing tension or stress. When my siblings and I were younger, we would wear our big Colorado t-shirts to sleep in and often times run around the house (slowly) exploring and getting in as much play time as we could before bed. But a peaceful memory engrained in my brain is this, the vents that lined certain sections of the walls in each room of the house. The house was built in the 1940’s and the air conditioning and heating came from those vents on the ground. During quiet times I would go over to the air vent and I could occasionally smell the scent of melted crayons that had fallen or been “dropped into the vent.” It was such a innocent smell to a house full of peace. The smell of children playing and enjoying their childhood and family. Other times I would go over to the vent, and pull my big giant Colorado t-shirt over my knees and tuck my arms in and allow the warm air to fill up the shirt until it created a big balloon like shape. I would sit there and enjoy the warmth and just ponder the wonder of being a child. My grandparent’s house also had a distinctive yet peaceful sound, as the air conditioning or heater came on. It was a quiet hum that calmed the whole house as we settled down for the night.  One of the greatest joys I have in my house I live in now, is the familiar sound of our air conditioning/heater to my Grandparent’s. No doubt a special gift from God just for me. Some nights I would enjoy the heater in the front room, as this was where you could see the beautiful Christmas tree that was up. Adorned with ornaments from over the decades and the presents that glistened from the tree lights. I know the peace of God resided in that house, as I carry that peace with me daily. Some of the most grateful things I enjoy are the simplest of things. When the house was being built I wonder if the people that put in the air conditioning/heater unit and floor vents would know how much warmth it would bring to a child or experience the smells of melting crayon wax in the evening. Life is covered in these types of moments, and as an adult I find myself retreating to this place and it leaves me filled with gratitude. It also serves as a challenge to leave the worries of adulthood behind, letting God sort out my troubles in surrender to Him so I can live in the joy that He carefully wraps up for us with each day we are given. We will see them if we take time to notice what is right around us, ready to fill with childlike peace.

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