Gratitude is a word that evokes curiosity and intrigue. Its easy to see gratitude on a person’s face after they bought their first home, a new car, getting into the college of their dreams. The look on a bride and groom’s face as they see each other for the first time on their special wedding…


Joy is a wonderful character quality of a person. As a person gets older they are able to distinguish between the emotion of happiness and the contentment of joy. Joy is a deeply rooted part of your heart that is closely partnered with peace.


Hope is a perplexing rest. It requires the heart and mind to believe in things that have not manifested and positively look forward to a future event without in some cases any evidence of it to transpire. As I write about hope I feel the close connection to faith.


God’s ways of doing life are really best. Usually they require more discipline, some sacrifice and the road to His best are not always easy. Just in writing this now the obvious shouts at me. God’s ways are best because He created life.


With a surrendered heart to the Lord there is a grace of obedience. Think of some of the best relationships you see between a child and a parent. Those relationships most likely represented a mutual love, honor, respect. The parent eager to bless the child with gifts of blessings, love and correction. The child eager to please the parent with heartfelt obedience and longing to honor their parent. God in His mercy gave us His Son Jesus Christ to redeem our lost world.